About Us

Srithaicharoen Lohakit Ltd., Part. started from small business in 1978 with a concept of one-stop distribution center for hand tools and hardware.

WE HAVE ALWAYS AIMED TO MEET OUR CUSTOMERS’ EXPECTATION AND DETERMINED to offer a wide variety of products. Since then, we have offered more than 5,000 hand tools and hardware products.

We have continued to improve our service to present durable and quality products with both unique design and functionality at competitive prices. Our products are designed and manufactured from factories that are domestically and internationally accepted under the brand KING EAGLE, EAGLE ONE, and YOKOMO.

In addition to KING EAGLE, EAGLE ONE, and YOKOMO, Srithaicharoen Lohakit Ltd., Part. also offers more than 200 Thai and international tool and hardware brands. Today, we operate wholesale business which includes retailing to leading stores across Thailand and neighboring countries, with head office located in Talad Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok and many warehouses in the perimeter areas. With policy that focuses on complete and fast distribution of products, Srithaicharoen Lohakit Ltd., Part. is proud to be growing together with our business partners.